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Monday 6th July

Hi everyone,

It is the final week of term, I can't quite believe it! 

Today's daily challenge is the main thing I would like you to focus on this week. Once your child has completed their letter then please either send it/drop it in to school, email it to the office or post it on tapestry so that we can ensure Mrs Hall, Mrs Deackes and Mrs Lovett get to see it. 

As mentioned last week, I am putting together a simple class photo alternative so that you have something to remember your child's first year in school. If you have not sent me a photo of your child in school uniform then please try to send it by the end of the day. This can be sent either on tapestry or via email to the office. It would be nice to include up to date photos because of course the photos I have of you home learners are several months old now and I am sure you have changed a lot! If your child is in school then do not worry about this, I will take one in school. 

Thank-you for all of your recent tapestry posts regarding home learning and report responses. It is always lovely to hear from you.

Stay safe everyone and have a good week.
Miss Heafford