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Richard Hill Church of England Primary School

Richard Hill Church of England Primary School


Richard Hill C of E Physical Education 2021-2022

“At Richard Hill our emphasis is on making sure children leave primary school with a passion for sport. By the end of KS2 all children should have the fundamental movement skills (throwing, catching, running, hopping etc.) required to be able to take part in more competitive games. We want to ensure that children are exposed to a plethora of sports and are given opportunities to attend sports trips and after-school clubs. In KS1 our focus is to give children the basic skills required to be able to take part in sports and begin to understand their bodies with the emphasis on FUN. At this stage it is about developing a love for sport that children will keep with them as they move through the education system and ultimately continue to play and be involved in sport for their whole lives. Through high quality sports coaching and team-teaching we believe that we can instil the skills and attributes required to, not only develop high quality performers, but also respectful, humble and well-rounded human beings.”  


  1. To promote physical activity and encourage healthy and active lifestyles.
  2. Encourage pupils to be physically active for sustained periods of time.
  3. Pupils engage in competitive sports and activities.
  4. Develop the competence of pupils to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  5. To develop positive attitudes to health, fitness, and the enjoyment of physical activity.
  6. To ensure safe practice.


  1. To develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity.
  2. To make informed decisions about the importance of exercise in their lives.
  3. To acquire and develop skills in a range of physical activities and sports.
  4. To learn how to select and apply skills appropriate to the activity being undertaken.
  5. To set individual targets and compete against themselves as well as others individually and also as team members (with an understanding of what being a good team member means).
  6. To respond to a variety of challenges in a range of physical activities and environments.
  7. To take initiative, lead activities and focus on improving aspects of their own performance.