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Hello, at Richard Hill we are always striving to provide the best possible access to P.E and school sport that we can. Over the past two years, this has not been easy but we have aimed to maintain this high level of provision as best we can. Now, we are able to offer a lot more in terms of extra-curricular clubs and P.E trips out of school we are very excited about the future of P.E and school sport at our school. 


Already, our football club is attended by almost 30 children from year 3,4,5 and 6 every Monday. This is supported by three year 9 young leaders who are helping coach and referee the sessions and matches. Alongside this, we have had a Leicester Riders coach in to deliver some basketball sessions and a netball coach in working with our year 6 teacher to deliver a taster session to the pupils in school. Furthermore, we have attended several sports trips outside of school including football and tri-golf. More of these trips and events are planned for later in the academic year. Our aim is to ensure all children, especially those across KS2 get the opportunity to attend an extra-curricular sports club or a sports trip outside of school. 


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The school sport team.  

2021-22 PE and school sport action plan and aims/objectives.

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