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Phonics Session 9: Practising the digraph 'ur'

The focus sound today is 'ur'.

Now watch the Geraldine episode carefully... I bet you can't spot any words with the 'ur' digraph in! If you do spot some, where does the 'ur' sound come? Is it at the start of the word, in the middle of the word or at the end of the word? Remember this 'ur' sound comes in a different place to the 'er' sound!

Can you think of any words with the ur sound in?

I would like you to sound out these words and write them in your pink book. Try to do it independently and wow your family! Some of you might want to challenge yourself to put these words into a sentence (you can say a sentence or even write it down).







The challenge is to have a go at writing Thursday! Wow that's a long word so you will have to do a lot of stretching! Think about what it looks like when we do our daily calendar and give it a try.

I wonder if you can read and/or write this sentence below.

You did a burp when you sat down in church!