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Hi everyone!

Today in phonics we are going to practise our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and learn 2 new tricky words.

The first thing I would like you to do is watch the recap video. Try to shout out the sounds when you spot them! When we are in the classroom we always start our phonics lesson with recapping our previously learnt sounds and/or tricky words. I wonder how many you will be able to remember! If you can remember any of the actions we do for each sound then you can show your family!

Phonics Phase 3 Sound Recap



The 2 new tricky words that we are learning today are:



Can you say these words?
Can you verbally put them into a sentence?
Now have a go at writing them.

Parents: A really nice idea would be for your child to draw around their hand twice, and then write the tricky words of the week on the palm of each one. We will be learning 2 new tricky words every week so they could be changed weekly or just added to. They can be stuck to a wall or door and then when your child completes their phonics session or when you shout 'high five' they have to run to the handprint and high-5 it while shouting out the tricky word.
There are lots of alternative methods to help your child learn tricky words on the read the rainbow page of the website.



















Now we are going to practise our sounding out and writing words so can you get the phoneme frames from your phonics wallet in the home learning pack (it is the first sheet with the pictures of a hat, van, tap, dog etc). Have a go at writing your CVC words. Remember to use your sound talk to hear each sound that you need to write. Read the word back to check, does it sound right? When you think you have got it right you can check on the back of the page, I have written the answers. 

Monday Caption Card

Still image for this video

Now that you have done your phoneme frames to practise writing words it is time to write a sentence.
Press play on the caption card above. You can choose what sentence you would like to write about this picture. You can write about what you can see your friends doing or you can have a go at writing what your friends are saying!

Parents: I have selected specific scenes for the caption cards that will most likely result in the children applying certain phase 3 digraphs in order to write their sentence. For example in this caption card they will most likely use the words 'king' and 'queen' in their sentence and will therefore be practising the 'ng', 'qu' and 'ee' digraphs. Hopefully seeing each other in these caption cards will provide a little more excitement to sentence writing!
Try to encourage your child to be as independent as possible when writing their sentence. Give them the phonics sound mat that was in the first home learning pack for them to refer to if they are unsure what a sound looks like and maybe prompt them to sound out their words to hear every sound.