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Phonics Session 13: Practising the digraph 'ow'

First things first, can you remember our tricky words of the week?



Well done!

Ok so today we are practising the digraph 'ow'. Can you remember the action for this sound? You pretend to prick your thumb and shout 'ow'!

Watch the alphablocks episode and then see how many words you can remember with the 'ow' sound in!

I would then like you to get out your next sheet in your phonics wallet. It has some more phoneme frames on it including the moon, some food, a foot and a book. It also has some words that you should hear our digraph of the day in! See if you can fill in the phoneme frames and then read them back to see if you are sure. Then you can check on the back to see if you were right.

Your challenge words are: clown and brown. They are tricky because they have some sneaky consonants but try sounding them out and writing them somewhere!

Wednesday Caption Card

Still image for this video
Now that you have done your phoneme frames to practise writing words it is time to write a sentence.

Press play on the caption card above. You can choose what sentence you would like to write about this picture.
You can write about what you can see your friends doing or you can have a go at writing what your friends are saying!