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Phonics Session 14: Practising the digraph 'oi'

Ok today we are practising the bossy digraph 'oi'. Can you remember the action for it? You point your finger at someone rudely and shout 'oi'!

Can you watch the video and see how many 'oi' words Geraldine finds?


Next we are going to practise making some words with the 'oi' sound in. Now if you like you can have a go at writing these words down but I am going to suggest getting active today instead.


In school we have often put 3 hula hoops out (for words containing 3 separate sounds) and got the children to jump in each hoop sounding the word out as they go and then finally blending it together and jumping out of the hoops at the end. 

For example with the word coin they would go:


(jump) "c"               (jump) "oi"                (jump) "n"                   (jump out of hoops) "coin"


This is a lot more fun than writing the words but it practises the same process of segmenting and blending a word. It does help to have the hoops down as a visual prompt that they will need to say 3 sounds but you could use anything; paper, post-it notes, socks, chalk or masking tape!


Here are some 'oi' words to have a go at segmenting and blending in whichever way you choose:












Thursday Caption Card

Still image for this video
Now that you have practised segmenting and blending some words, it is time to write a sentence.

Press play on the caption card above. You can choose what sentence you would like to write about this picture.
You can write about what you can see your friends doing or you can have a go at writing what your friends are saying!