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Phonics Session 15: Practising phase 3 sounds altogether

Ok today we are going to do an overall recap of phase 3 before recapping trigraphs next week.

Start by watching the video below which recaps the phase 3 tricky words.

After watching the tricky words song can you also read our phase 2 and phase 4 tricky words?













Next I have made you a game to practise your phase 3 sounds. In your home learning pack there is an orange and a green roll and read mat and a page of counters. You can take it in turns with someone in your family to roll and dice and read the word of that number. If you sound it out and blend it then you get to put a counter on that word! The winner is the first person to get a whole row of completed and filled with counters! Have fun!


Parents: In the first home learning pack you were given there was a sound mat which had pictures next to each digraph/trigraph. If your child struggles with remembering any of their digraphs then giving them the sound mat as a prompt is a nice way of supporting them rather than telling them the answer straight away :)

I have inserted the picture of it below just in case it has has been misplaced.


Friday Caption Card

Still image for this video
Finally, here is today's caption card.
Press play to make your friends speak. You can choose what sentence you would like to write about this picture.
You can write about what you can see your friends doing or you can have a go at writing what they are saying!