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Hi everyone!

Just like last Monday, we are going to practise all of our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs today and learn 2 new tricky words.

The first thing I would like you to do is watch the recap video. Try to shout out the sounds when you spot them! If you can remember any of the actions we do for each sound then you can show your family!


Phase 3 Sound Recap Video


The 2 new tricky words that we are learning today are:





Can you say these words?
Can you verbally put them into a sentence?
Now have a go at writing them.


If you made some high-5 tricky words last week then now is the time to add some more (or to change them if your child is confident with 'do' and 'so' now).




The next activity I would like you to do is the word hunt which should be the next 3 sheets in your phonics wallet (1 sheet with pictures and spaces for words and 2 sheets of just words). Ask your grown up to cut up the words and hide them around the house and then when they are ready you can take your pencil and word hunt sheet and write down the words when you find them. Make sure you read the words so you know which picture you need to write it next to! I wonder how many of our digraphs and trigraphs you will find!

Monday Caption Card

Still image for this video
Now that you have practised reading and writing some words, it is time to write a sentence.

Press play on the caption card above. You can choose what sentence you would like to write about this picture. You can write about what you can see your friends doing or you can have a go at writing what your friends are saying!