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Phonics Session 18: Practising the trigraph 'air'

Before we look at the trigraph of the day, I wonder who can remember the 2 new tricky words I showed you yesterday? Can you read them?



If you made some handprint tricky words then quick, go and high-5 them now!

The focus sound today is 'air'. Can you think of the action for this sound? Why is it a trigraph and not a digraph? Why is this quite a tricky trigraph (because it looks like the ai digraph at first so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the r at the end).

Now watch the alphablocks episode carefully... I bet you can't spot any words with the 'air' trigraph in! If you do spot some, where does the 'air' sound come, at the beginning, middle or end of a word?

Can you think of any words with the air sound in?


Your next activity is to complete the 'air' trigraph booklet from your phonics wallet in your home learning pack.


When you have finished it, come and see which of your friends is talking to you today and see if you can write a sentence about it!

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