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Phonics Session 19: Practising the trigraph 'ure'

First things first, can you remember the tricky words that we have been practising this week?



Go and high-5 them if you have made them!

Today's sound is the trigraph 'ure'. Can you remember the action? It is something to do with manure!

This is a really tricky trigraph to learn because there are not that many words with the 'ure' sound in that are commonly used or phonetically decodable. I have written 3 and I would like you to put them into a verbal sentence. If you don't know what they mean then ask your family to help you.




Now I would like you to watch the speed splat phonics video. See if you can work out which is the right way to write each word before it gets splatted!


Well done! The next activity is your 'ure' booklet from your phonics wallet. 


When you have finished it, come and see who from our class is talking to you today and see if you can write a sentence about it!

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