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Phonics Session 20: Recapping phase 3

Hi everyone!

Today in phonics we are going to be practising some of the trickier phase 3 phonics sounds because next week we are going to start phase 4!

The first things I would like you to do is to watch the tricky word song and see how many tricky words you can remember. When it finishes go and high-5 our tricky words of the week!



What do they say? Can you put them into a verbal sentence?


Your next activity is to complete the phoneme frames from your phonics wallet. It should be the next 2 pages: one of them has a picture of a chair and beard on and the second has a picture of a rubber and foil on. When you have finished, read your words to see if you think you have got it right and then check on the back!


Next I would like you to play on a phonics game. 


Here is buried treasure:


And here is Obb and Bob:

When you have picked which game you want to play you need to click on phase 3 and then you can either choose to play 'revise all phase 3 sounds' or you can choose the sound that you think is the trickiest to practise it.


Once you have finished this, come back here and see who the last person to speak to you from our class is!

Friday Caption Card

Still image for this video
I hope this gives you all a laugh. You can choose to write what I am saying or to come up with your own sentence about this video. Enjoy!