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Hi everyone!

From now on the phonics challenges are going to include some phase 4 challenges. The main difference here is that it will include segmenting and blending words with adjacent consonants in them which is quite tricky as they often sound like they make one sound.

Boys and girls can you remember what a consonant is? Maybe it would be easier to think about what a vowel is... can you remember any of the 5 special letters we call vowels?

First things first though, let's look at what our new tricky words are this week!



Can you say these words? Can you put them into a verbal sentence? Go and make your high-5 tricky words if you are making them!

Next I would like you to play a game that is all about vowels and consonants.
Here is how you play:

You will need every letter of the alphabet. Maybe you have some magnetic letters or maybe you can make your own flashcards.
The game is that you have to sit on your bottom and somebody in your family is going to show you 1 card at a time. If they show you a consonant you have to stay sat down but if they show you a vowel you have to jump up! 
Remember those 5 vowels... a, e, i, o, u and try your best to spot them all and jump up!

Did you spot them all?
How many vowels do you have in your name? How many consonants do you have in your name? Do you have more vowels or consonants?

The last challenge for phonics today is our caption card! Remember you can write whatever sentence you would like about this card! You might write down what your friend says or it might be a sentence about what you spot in the picture!


Monday Caption Card

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