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Morning everyone!

Today we are going to start to look at some phase 4 words with adjacent consonants. These are tricky to hear because they almost sound like 1 sound but they're tricking you out because there are actually 2 sneaky sounds!

I have written 4 words for you to practise segmenting and blending today and I have recorded myself 'stretching' the word (essentially saying it in slow motion to hear every sound), 'sounding out' the word and then saying the word. Parents this is both to help you understand what I mean when I use those phrases but also to model to the children how this is done if they are struggling. Yes you feel ridiculous doing it, especially if you are just doing it to your computer and don't have any children around you haha(!), but these techniques are really helpful when learning to segment and blend these words. This week all of the words will be CVCC words which means they have the adjacent consonants at the end of the word.

Before we look at them quick, go and high-5 your tricky words! Can you remember our tricky words of the week?



Okay your 4 words this week:






Practise these 4 words however you wish, even if it just copying me saying stretching, sounding out and saying them. Remember all activity ideas are on the phonics page on our foundation class page. 

When you have finished with the words, here is today's caption card:

Tuesday Caption Card

Still image for this video