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*Added 31.05.20*

Hi everyone,

Here is a letter from the government regarding phonics home learning:
Please read it and then follow the link (in the document) to the youtube channel.
You can choose which videos your child accesses, if they are confident with their segmenting and blending and can independently read and write words such as 'rain', 'sheep', 'goat' and 'hear' then watch the 'reception' videos.
If your child is progressing towards being able to do this but requires a little support or isn't confident in doing this then watch the 'learning to blend' videos. They will target segmenting and blending skills in general rather than focussing on specific sounds each day, they are still aimed for reception and year 1 children.

I will still be uploading some daily phonics challenges but they will be short recap activities to allow you time to follow the government-recommended letters and sounds videos as well. 

Feel free to contact me if you are unsure about which videos to follow and I will happily discuss how your child has been getting on with phonics and what may benefit them the most.

All the best,
Miss Heafford

*Message from Summer 1 Term*
Hi everyone,

Please find below a variety of activities that you can do to support your child in segmenting and blending these words. The reason I am putting them all here is so that you can choose which activities are most appropriate for your child and which you have time and resources for.











































- Using hoops/chalk on the floor rather than a phoneme frame. Every child your child jumps they need to shout out 1 sound of the word and then on their last jump they blend the word together.

- Word bingo

- Simply reading and writing the words together and discussing the sounds in it and what the word means. You could do some rainbow writing of the word, paint the words, chalk the words and then chant the word as you trace over it with water to get rid of it. 


- Online games such as 'obb and bob' and 'buried treasure' provide the option to practise words of phase 2 level, phase 3 level and phase 4 level. You can add in the words of the day by clicking 'enter your own words'.


All the best,
Miss Heafford