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Hi everyone! 

Your new tricky words this week are:






Can you put these words into a verbal sentence? Do you know what they mean?
Why don't you make your high-5 words and practise the previous ones that you have learnt? I wonder what colour rainbow card you can read up to now?

Your next challenge today is to play a game involving a dinosaur! He has some questions for you and you need to tell him if the answer is yes or no.

Parents when you follow the link to this game it gives you the option of lots of different phonics sounds. There is a mixture of phase 2, 3 and 5 sounds on there but phase 5 sounds are learnt in year 1 and I wouldn't recommend looking at them yet (but if you have other children in year 1 or 2 then these would be good). I suggest you all click on the 'CVC' option for this game.

Some children will find reading these words very simple but it is still great practise and it is made slightly more complicated by the fact that they have to use their comprehension skills to answer the question after reading it. 

Here is the link to the game:

Next I have a song for you to learn. This song will help the children to split words up into chunk which is a necessary skill when learning to read and write polysyllabic words.
Unfortunately there were reasons I couldn't use the original video of this song so it'll be my voice ... with a little help from my sister... that you'll have to put up with, I apologise in advance!

Once you have watched the video, replace the words 'dog', 'lunchbox', 'Miss Heafford' with other words to see if your child can clap the syllables in other words. Try your names and the words for random objects!

Here are the lyrics for the song for when/ if you are practising it:

Let's clap a word,
Clap, clap and be happy,
Let's clap a word,
What will it be?

Let's clap ____,
____, ____,
Let's clap ____,
You clapped a word!

Now shake it all about,
Let me hear you shout (yeahhh),
Shake it way down low, 
Now gooooooooo,

(and repeat)

Syllable Song

Still image for this video
And finally here is today's caption card :)