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Good morning everyone!

Who can remember the new tricky words this week? 




The first activity today is using the sheet in your phonics pack contains 12 pictures with blue borders. The top row is a pram, plug, piggy bank and a nest. The activity here is a guess the picture game.
First of all put the sheet in front of your child and tell them that you are going to sound talk a word and they have to guess which picture they are saying. They you sound out a word into each individual sound and they have to point to the picture. For example "p-r-a-m" or "l-a-m-p".
I have recorded a voice note to start the game off to give you an idea of how to segment each word in case you are unsure. 
These sounds are not easy to blend together so it might take your child a few practises to hear which picture you are saying.
If your child is able to identify the picture confidently then swap roles in the game and challenge them to sound out a word for you to guess. It is likely they might not segment every sound and for example say 'n-e-st' instead of 'n-e-s-t' but you can just repeat back the correct way to support them with this. 

Phonics Game

This week the words we will be practising segmenting and blending are called polysyllabic words. This means that they have more than one syllable in them. When you clap the chunks of the word you will find that today's words have 2 chunks to clap like in sham-poo. Can you clap the syallables of these words? Here are today's words to practise. Remember choose your own way of practising them and when you have done that, come and do your caption card.

Parents when helping your child to write these words you can encourage them to clap the syllables, then to sound out the first syllable before focussing on the sounds for the syllable. For example with the words shampoo get them to clap sham-poo. Ask "what was the first chunk you clapped to?" (sham) "Ok, can you sound out sham?" (sh-a-m) "Well done now let's clap the word again to hear the second chunk" (sham-poo) "well done now can you sound out poo?" (p-oo).

Here are today's words: