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Hi everyone,

Can you remember what our tricky words are this week? Quick go and high-5 them!

The first phonics activity I would like you to do today is to get the next 2 sheets out from your home learning pack, they are titled 'CVCC and CCVC words worksheet - circle that word'.
It is a game. There are some pictures on the sheet and lots of words next to the picture but only 1 of the words says the right word for the picture, the rest of the words are trying to trick you out! Can you work out which word is right and put a circle around it? Sound the words out carefully when you are reading them because there are some tricky adjacent consonants! 
Parents, it doesn't matter how many of these you do! I would say aim for 4-8 words. If your child can do more then great but I would say it's better to do a short stint of concentrating over the course of a few days rather than to try to force your child to complete them all at once as they are likely to disengage and not learn from the activity. 

The final phonics activity today is to practise your words. Remember you can practise these however you like whether you want to get active, messy, play a game... all the ideas are on the phonics page. Here are today's words: