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Hi everyone!

Let's recap our tricky words with a song! Click on the link below and listen to the song... can you join in?
Now today in phonics I would like you to practise your reading. I have a linked a game called 'help the hedgehog' below and you need to read the word and if your grown up says that you have got it right then you can click on the tick. See how many ticks you get before the timer runs out. Then play again and see if you can beat your score... remember, if you keep trying, soon you'll be flying!

Parents, any of the options on this game would be great to help your child with their reading. I would suggest you choose the 'phase 3 sh, ch, th, ng' option as it is a long time since we covered the consonant digraphs! 
To help your child practise their tricky words click on the 'I'll enter my own words thanks' button at the top and then just type in the tricky words. I would suggest that you enter most tricky words that your child is comfortable reading and only add 1 or 2 tricky words that they are still learning to make sure it is an enjoyable game for them. 
Finally, because it is the last day of our farm topic I have a joke for you. Can you use your phonics and tricky words to help you read it? 

What do cows like to do best?

See a moo - vee !