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Hi everyone!

No new tricky words this week. Instead, I would like you to recap all of the sounds and tricky words that we have learnt so far.

Have a look at the 2 pictures below and see how many of the digraphs and trigraphs and tricky words you can remember. Parents, maybe you could make a note of those that your child is unsure of as these will be the ones to practise more regularly and perhaps choose 2 to use as high-5 words this week.







Once you have identified the sounds and words to practise, have a game of bingo. For this your child and however many family members are playing each need a piece of paper. All choose a given number of sounds/tricky words and write them down on your paper. I would encourage your child to include 1 or 2 of the ones they found trickier. We tend to choose 4 or 6 words when playing this in class.
You then need to write down every sound/word that people have written on their boards onto a small piece of paper. Turn all of the pieces of paper upside down and take it in turns to turn over one, call it out and then see if it is on your board. If it is then cross it out, the first person to cross out all of their tricky words/ sounds has to stand up, twirl around, sit down and shout bingo!

Have a great day!
Miss Heafford