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Phonics Session 3: Practising the trigraph 'igh'

The focus sound today is 'igh'.

Can you tell your grown up what sound 'igh' makes? Can you explain to them why it is a trigraph and not a digraph? It is because there are 3 letters making 1 sound instead of 2 letters making 1 sound.

Can you think of any words with the igh sound in? Remember the word I doesn't count... that's a word, not a sound.

Now watch the video carefully... where does the 'igh' sound come? Is it at the start of the word, in the middle of the word or at the end of the word?

Maybe you could practise writing some of those words in your pink book? Show your grown up how you sound out each word to hear every sound you need to write down. Grown ups, you might need to discuss the meaning of some words. Try it for these words:





The challenge is to try to stretch the words 'bright' and 'flight'. There are some sneaky consonants in there that are difficult to hear so stretch very slowly!
*When we ask the children to stretch a word, we mean to say it almost in slow motion. This allows them to hear individual sounds much more clearly.*

I wonder if you can read and/or write this sentence:
I might turn on the light when it is dark at night.

The children won't be familiar with the spelling of the word 'when' yet so they will right 'wen'... this is not a problem because they are using their phonics to sound out a word. You could point this out to them and show them the look, cover, write check method of spelling and see if they can learn how to spell the word 'when'.

A common misconception when learning the trigraph I is that children will confuse the word and the sound so this is something you could look out for and support with. For example when writing 'night', they might write 'nIt' and would just need it explaining that they have written the word I but when sounding out the word they actually heard the sound 'igh'.