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Hi everyone,

Today I have a game of I spy for you. It is going to help us to practise initial sounds and consonant digraphs. I have attached the I spy as a document in case you wanted and are able to print it off.

Look at the picture below and play I spy with you family. I have 4 clues for you. Listen to my clues, see if you can guess what I spied and then scroll to the bottom to see whether you were right!

Have a great day!
Miss Heafford

Clue number 1 (ch)

Clue number 2 (sh)

Clue number 3 (th)

Clue number 4 (ng)

Don't forget to access the government's letters and sounds youtube videos if you wish. They are around 15 minutes long and the details are on the phonics page on the website.


Clue number 1: It was the chips!

Clue number 2: It was the sheep!

Clue number 3: It was the number three!

Clue number 4: It was the ring!