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Hi everyone,

Today's phonics activity is alphabet ball. You will need a ball (or something to pass between people) and it is a game for 2 people. First the oldest player holds the ball and calls out a letter and your child needs to shout out a word beginning with that letter. Then the older player passes the ball to the younger player who catches it and shouts out a new letter. The older player needs to respond with a word beginning with the said letter and the ball is passed again. 

Ways to make this activity more challenging include:
- trying to make your way through the entire alphabet
- including some digraphs in the game, for example shouting out 'sh' so your child needs to think of a word beginning with that sound rather than a single, alphabet sound. 

Have fun everyone and don't forget to use the letters and sounds video if you would like support providing a longer phonics session!
All the best,
Miss Heafford