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Hi everyone!

Today we are going to start recapping the 'oa' sound. Watch the geraldine video below and then have a look if you can spot any words containing the 'oa' sound in the picture story!

Geraldine the Giraffe learns 'oa'

I have made a picture story below. Encourage your child to read the short story and then start a discussion about which digraph each of the pictures has in, is it 'oa' or 'ur'?
I have attached the picture as a document in case you want to print it off and label it.



































Once upon a time, a goat put on his coat.
He went down the road to the church.
On the way he said "look, there is some toast"! When he got to the church, it was burning.
"I will turn back and go home" he said. The end.

All the best,
Miss Heafford