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Hi everyone!

Today I would like you to practise your tricky words and to see if you can remember which letters are vowels and which letters are consonants. 

First I have a powerpoint below. Say the name of each letter and then try to remember if it is a vowel or a consonant. When you have guessed then click your mouse or tap the screen and the letter should move into the right group. If you found it tricky then have another go and see if you can remember them the second time! 

Then to practise your tricky words please get out the last sheet in your phonics wallet from your home learning pack. It is a pirate scene which says "Spot the trick words".
Ahoy and welcome on board the tricky word challenge ship! Get your magnifying glass and see how many tricky words you can spot. Can you remember what they say?

Don't forget to access the letters and sounds video if you want a lengthier phonics session! :) 

Miss Heafford