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Hi everyone,

If you were at school yesterday then click on Thursday and you can first look at the 'ar' powerpoint to recap the 'ar' sound.

To practise the 'ar' digraph again today I have attached the relevant phonics play comic which is fantastic for reading skills and comprehension as well as blending practise. 

I have also linked a game called 'foam phonemes'. For this game you initially click on all of the sounds that you would like to use during the game. Some of them are phase 5 sounds... ignore them, just click on the sounds necessary to build the following words:

hard, farm, park, art, star, tart, arm, march ..... When clicking on the letters do not select single sounds 'a' and 'r', instead click on the digraph 'ar' on the right hand side. This way when the app reads the word back it will make the correct sound. :) 

When you have clicked on all of the letters you will need then say one of the words to your child. They need to drag the sounds they can hear into the correct order to form the word. When they think they have done it then they can click/tap on each sound in order and the app reads it aloud so they will be able to tell if they have done it correctly.

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford