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Morning everyone,

This week in the classroom we have a phonics activity out in our 'continuous provision' where there are some words that I have tried to write but I have accidently forgotten some sounds out!
The challenge I am setting all of you in school and at home is to try to work out which sounds that I have forgotten. You will need to use sound talk and maybe stretch some words to hear the sounds that I have missed. 

In school we are doing this by having a selection of magnetic letters on the table and I have printed out the document so the children have to find the correct letter to fits in the gaps. You could do this at home (replace the magnetic letters with written letters on paper if you don't have them) or you could simply look through the document and get your child to say aloud the sound they would put in each space!

Open the document below to see all of the words I tried to write.

Don't forget that for further phonics teaching there is the link to the letters and sounds lessons on the foundation phonics page along with games and our rainbow challenge to get on with :) 

Miss Heafford