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Hi everyone,

I have 2 phase 4 challenges for you today:

Firstly I would like you to practise your tricky words so I have made a tricky word wordsearch. Read each tricky word at the bottom to make sure you know which words you are hunting for! Then see if you can find the words hidden amongst all the letters. If you find one then cross it out if you have been able to print it. If you do not have a printer then you could either copy out the wordsearch or make a tick sheet of the tricky words so that when you find them on the screen you can tick them off on the list.

Secondly I would like you to make an obstacle course. Use whatever you have available inside or outdoors but the challenge for the children is to label what you have to do at each section using some phase 4 words. Can they write 'start' and 'end' or 'finish' on a post-it note/label/ with chalk? Could they write what you have to do at each section such as 'spin', 'jump', 'run', 'stamp', 'hop', 'stop'? Once they have finished their labels then the obstacle course will be ready to complete together!

Have fun everyone,
Miss Heafford