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Hi guys,

Today I have a phase 4 task. Open the powerpoint below and you will find some pictures of words that are polysyllabic. Your challenge is to try to sound out these words. 

This is quite tricky as they are long so I have recorded a tip for you. Give it a listen and hopefully it will help. Parents this would work best as a team task so if you clap the word together and then work out what the first chunk of the word is that you need to sound out. Once you have done that then you can do the second chunk. 

It would be great to practise clapping syllables today on a selection of words and names too so that your child gets used to hearing a word split up into syllables (at the minute they are so used to doing sound talk where they split words into sounds that this will take practise).

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford

Tip: How to sound out using syllables