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Physical Activity

For summer term 2 the children in school will be doing olympics themed P.E sessions and some yoga.

To support those of you learning from home, this page contains some insight into our P.E sessions to practise the same skills with your child at home. I have also listed some youtube channels that you could use to find short online movement videos for your child to access.

Youtube Channels:

- Joe Wicks
- GoNoodle
- Cosmic Kids Yoga
- Oti Mabuse Official
- Just Dance
- PE with Mr P
- PE with Mr C




Olympics Themed PE Sessions:

Week 1:
Learning Objective: To develop the ability to throw an object.
We will look at what the olympics are and what kinds of things athletes do focussing particularly on the javelin, discus and shot-put.
We will first practise pushing a ball towards a target. At home this could be to a family members legs while both sat with legs wide in front of them. They should be encouraged to look at their target when pushing the ball and could try doing this from further away if doing well.
Next they should try throwing an object. This could be a ball or bean bag or similar. Come up with a target on the floor, perhaps a partner's feet or a bucket or a hoop on the floor and see if they can throw the object into the target. Remind them to keep looking at the target and to point their feet towards it.


Week 2:
Learning Objective: To develop the ability to throw an object.
This week we will start to look at the differences between over-arm and under-arm throwing.
See how far you can throw a ball/bean bag. How did you throw it, over-arm or under-arm? Now try the other way and see if it goes a shorter or longer distance. 
When throwing over-arm the children will be encouraged to use their opposite arm to aim where they want to throw, to lean back to add more power to the throw and to look at where they want to throw.

Week 3:
Learning Objective: To develop the ability to move at speed.
We will learn about some famous runners (Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe) and talk about the differences between long-distance running and short-distance running. 
We will play a variety of different games that involve running and to improve their running skills the children will be encouraged to keep their heads up and eyes forward, lean their body forward slightly and to pump their arms up and down if they want to run faster/sprint.

Week 4:
Learning Objective: To adapt the body when moving at speed.
We will continue with some running games this week but will start to include some obstacles which must be avoided. This encourages the children to keep their eyes forward and will help them to learn to adjust their speed when turning corners.

Week 5: 
Learning Objective: To develop the ability to jump in a variety of different ways.
We have learnt about jumping safely previously in P.E so we will recap how we support our body when jumping (bending knees before and after jumping, landing quietly and looking forwards).
We will learn about some famous jumpers (Derek Drouin, Mariya Kuchina, Shara Proctor, Greg Rutherford and our very own Mrs Needs!) and the different types of jumping at the olympics.
The children will be encouraged to bend their knees further to jump higher and use the swing of their arms to jump further. They experiment with how far they can jump and will use obstacles to practise jumping over things.

Week 6:
This week the children will have their own mini olympics using all of the skills they have learnt. 
There will be several stations of throwing, running and jumping activities that they will rotate around. This could be replicated in your garden or at a local park.