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Physical Activity


It's Obstacle Course Time!

Parents, while the weather is so great, get outside and get the children to come up with an obstacle course.
If you have equipment such as hula hoops or cones or tunnels or balls at home then they are fantastic to use. If you do not then you can create an obstacle course by using objects in the garden or from the house as stations to signpost where to travel to and then have a challenge at each station. For example my picture below shows that when they reach the tree they have to do 5 star jumps, when they get to the number 2 poster they hop for 10 seconds, when they get to the teddy bear they spin for 5 seconds, when they get to the flowerpot they have to jump up and then touch the floor 7 times and then when they reach the sock they have to run on the spot for 20 seconds. 

This activity is also a fantastic way to get the children engaged in reading and writing because of the potential use of symbols and instructions. It can be good for recognising numbers and counting how long they are doing an activity for. All this in addition to being great exercise.

Their motivation to complete this activity will always be greater if you are taking part! Get some timers on and see who can complete it the fastest! Allow them to set up an obstacle course for you after you create one for them and encourage them to try to make it a tricky challenge for you... when they see you want to challenge yourself they will inevitably want to be challenged as well. 

Have fun getting creative, competitive and absolutely shattered!