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Physical activity ideas

In P.E we have been working on ball skills and Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed (ABC's). We like to work on a "skills not sports" based approach. The important this is that the children learn the key skills to apply to a range of sports so we don't just teach football, rugby etc.  


(Balance, Agility) During their time at home the children could put together an obstacle course in the garden and use a football to manipulate their way around. They can time themselves if they want to get competitive. This could be done dribbling a basketball or throwing and catching a rugby ball or tennis ball. 


(Co-ordination) They could throw and catch a ball against a wall and count how many they can do in 30 seconds.


(Balance and Agility) They could create their own gymnastics or dance sequence based on a story or a theme. "Waking up in the morning" is a good one to use or any other familiar routine. Can they include a jump, roll and a balance into their sequence. 


(ABC's) mini Olympic games - set up various time trials to replicate some Olympic events. 

100m = Up and down the garden twice

Pentathlon = 5 stations on a circuit 1. run around the garden 2. 10 star jumps 3. long jump 4. obstacle course 5. throw and catch against a wall. 

Can you be creative and think of any more?