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Science Activities

Here are the science experiments and investigations that we have done today in school (it was a busy day!). They are all easy to set up and they do not need many resources at all!
- Magic milk experiment 
      (poured full fat milk into a container, added a decent amount of some food colouring, put some fairy liquid onto a cotton bud and then dipped it into the milk. You find that all of the colouring moves away from the soap. We used this experiment to discuss our feelings. Each colour of food colouring represented an emotion. For example I put some orange in because I explained that I was happy to have a fun day of science, I put some blue in because I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, I put some red in because I was excited etc. When all of the colours mixed up we spoke about how sometimes we get that jiggly feeling inside because we feel so many things. It was a lovely prompt for each child to express how they were feeling. I highly recommend this one!)

- Coke and mentos experiment
         (put a pack of mentos into a large bottle of coke after discussing how we were all about to shoot off to another year group. I'm sure you've seen this experiment but if not, there is an explosive reaction).

- Egg floating in salt water
          (I set this experiment as a home learning challenge so you may have done this one. We learnt about the dead sea in Jordan. I drew a face on an egg and we discovered that when you put it in a bowl of water, it sinks. We then added salt half a cup at a time and watched the effects. We discovered that the salt makes the egg float just like the dead sea in Jordan. The children also explored making currents in the water using a spoon.)

- Jumping rice krispies
             (We had a plate of rice krispies and some balloons and I challenged the children to make the krispies jump or fly. They experimented all day and eventually realised that by rubbing the balloon on your jumper and then holding it over the krispies you can make them jump up onto the balloon. It is all about static electricity.)

- Mirror exploration
          (We used some pictures to explore how they would change by placing a mirror onto them.)

- Magnet exploration
           (We draw a maze into a tray and then placed something magnetic into the maze and had a magnet underneath. We learnt that things can be magnetic through other surfaces like the tray.)

- Colour mixing
           (We had black, white, yellow, blue and red paints out and some easels for the children to mix their own colours for some paintings.)

- Potion making
            (There were lots of exciting potions and medicines created today simply from water, an orange, some leaves and a lot of imagination. This is an easy one to set up at home and could have easily occupied all of our children all day long.)

- Bicarbonate and Vinegar
              (We put some food colouring onto a tray and then covered it all with bicarbonate of soda. We used pipettes to add some vinegar onto it and watched the fizzy reaction.)

- Some of the children invented new ocean animals by combining some of their favourite sea creatures to create a brand new one!