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Please begin to learn this weeks spellings, working from page 6 (which has the heading Week 2 and has spellings such as incomplete, infinite...). Print out the page or practice in your books please.


Please complete the page 6 ONLY of the file attached today. Please make sure for each word you follow the instructions in the column i.e. 

  • Look - look at the word and try to remember the letters and order of the letters.
  • Say - say the word out loud 2 or 3 times.
  • Cover - cover the word on the page with your hand or a piece of paper or book.
  • Write - With the word covered try to spell it correctly without looking at the word again here.
  • Check - uncover the word and check your spelling, tick if correct.
  • Correction - if you spelt it incorrectly now the word is uncovered look at the word and copy it making sure it is spelt correctly.