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Hello and welcome to Richard Hill's sport page! 


“At Richard Hill our emphasis is on making sure children leave primary school with a passion for sport. By the end of KS2 all children should have the fundamental movement skills (throwing, catching, running, hopping etc.) required to be able to take part in more competitive games. We want to ensure that children are exposed to a plethora of sports and are given opportunities to attend sports trips and after-school clubs. In KS1 our focus is to give children the basic skills required to be able to take part in sports and begin to understand their bodies with the emphasis on FUN. At this stage it is about developing a love for sport that children will keep with them as they move through the education system and ultimately continue to play and be involved in sport for their whole lives. Through high quality sports coaching and team-teaching we believe that we can instil the skills and attributes required to, not only develop high quality performers, but also respectful, humble and well-rounded human beings.”  

Sport and general health and fitness is incredibly important to us at Richard Hill. We have participated in a range of activities even with restrictions this year. 

Skipping Challenge Summer 2021

Skipping is a fantastic way of keeping fit or improving your overally fitness. In school we have given every child a skipping rope and we have been using them mulitple times a week from learning to skip to developing our skills. 

If you would like to learn more please go to:



Sport at Richard Hill in 2021 and 2022

Inclusive Sporting Competitions

Next year we are going to be competing in a range of interschool competitions through the South Charnwood SSPAN. Please click on the link if you would like to find out more.


Yoga and Wellbeing 

We value the overall health and wellbeing of all children at school. Yoga is a brilliant way of developing mindfulness whilst improving core strength. Mini Me Yoga is to be introduced to all year groups next year as part of our commitment as a school to our commitment.