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Hi everyone,

Last week a special month called Ramadan began for lots of people. This means that some people will be celebrating something called Eid soon.


Today I would like you to read a book called 'Rameena's Ramadan'. This book is on the twinkl website and can be viewed in many different formats (powerpoint, e-book, audio book). When you have read it, have a think about these questions:

- What is Rameena's special calendar for?

- What does it mean if somebody 'fasts'?

- What is Eid?

- What is a mosque? How is it the same as a church? How is it different to a church?

- Rameena and her family celebrated Eid with lots of food, presents and fireworks. Can you think of any other times that people celebrate with food, presents and fireworks?


If you are not able to access the story then find some information online about Eid and Ramadan. On youtube there are videos about them on BBC teach and cbeebies.

There are lots of follow-up activities you could do after learning about Eid: 

Perhaps your family could make their own kindness calendar filled with ways the children can help their family and show people that they love them?

Perhaps you could make a paper lantern?



Perhaps you could make some special Eid biscuits in star and moon shapes?