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Ada Twist Scientist

I think you're really going to love today's story guys!

The story is called Ada Twist Scientist and the author is Andrea Beaty. This video is super cool though because the story is read by a real life astronaut and she is reading the story from an international space station! Can you see how her body is moving because she is in space?

Ways to use this story to help your child's learning:

This story is absolutely brilliant and emphasises the importance of asking questions and exploring so this would be a lovely follow on discussion.

It would also be interesting to look into where the story reader was. Google the international space station to have a look at pictures of where she is. You could research and discuss what an international space station is and think about why she was floating and the book could spin in the air. Introduce the children to the concept of gravity.

Maybe you could go into the garden and pretend to go to space. Practise counting backwards from 20, get some exercise being rockets in space and when you land on the moon or on the international space station can you pretend to float like there is no gravity?