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If I was an Astronaut

Let's keep up the space theme! I am sure that all the children enjoyed having a sneak peek into the space station for yesterday's story so here is another one. This story is called 'If I was an astronaut' and is read by the same real like astronaut as yesterday's story.

Ways to use this story to help your child's learning:

- Continue the conversation and research about space.

- Pause the story when complex teminology is used to discuss what it may mean. Get your child to make guesses about what it could mean by using the context and the pictures before telling them.

- This story describes the feelings of being an astronaut, maybe you could pause the video sporadically and get the child to act out what they are listening to. For example at 1:38, pause the video and act as though you are being thrown back into your seat in a rocket.