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Thursday 26th March

Another sunny day I hope you all managed to get out yesterday for some Vitamin D! 


Today in maths you are measuring, in English write some instructions and this afternoon go on a mini-beast hunt! (have a look at the timetable below)


If you don't follow the school twitter page please head over to @richardhillsch and gives us a follow. I am uploading a lot of content on there and some really useful resources whilst you're at home. Yesterday, I recorded the introduction podcast ready for our first episode on Friday and suggested the David Walliams stories to go and have a listen to. 


Personally, I am finding exercise once a day really important and I am beginning to use Yoga and mindfulness a lot more. I have set myself the challenge to read more and spend less time looking at screens, although I know screen time is inevitable at this time, remember there is nothing better than a good book! 


Enjoy your Thursday and stay safe, 

Thursday 26th March 2020







9am: choice between cosmic yoga or Joe Wicks workout or any other activity you have found this week.


10am-12pm: Maths and English activities



L.O: I can measure items


Get you ruler out and measure!


Find different items to measure, draw them in your book and right the length and width of each item. If you have an item that is bigger than 30cm then you could ask your parents/carers if they have a tape measure and you can experiment with that.


If they have a tape measure try and work out how big the garden is or how big your bedroom/lounge is.


How tall is your house? What would you estimate it measures? What is the tallest building in your local area?



L.O: I can write instructions.


Remember how we planted our seeds and see if you can write a set of instructions to an alien about how to plant a seed. If you have seeds, soil and a pot maybe you could plant something today.


Can you remember what a plant needs to grow? Be sure to include this in your instructions too.




Step 1: First, you must… (remember your time connective and comma)


Step 2: After that, you need to…




Finish you spring artwork from yesterday.


Go on a mini beast hunt. If you have a garden have a look under rocks and logs and see if you can find any mini-beasts.


If you don’t have a garden do some online research and find the names of mini-beasts that live in the garden.


Remember to put and logs and rocks back and return the mini-beasts to their home afterwards.


You could draw and label the mini-beasts you find or record what you find in a table if you want.