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Good morning I hope you had a good Wednesday and had a look at the Earth day website. 


Over the past couple of days I have set you a couple of challenges around making 4 word sentences from 5 words. I mentioned that there was a reason behind this. I am currently reading a book called "Blink" and in the book the author speaks to a expert psychologist (what do you think a psychologist is?) he explains that he led an experiment to see if he could influence the mood of a person. He found that if he gave his students challenges like the sentence challenge and hid positive, good feeling words then they would leave his office feeling good about themselves and their situation. The challenge over Tuesday and Wednesday may have had a similar effect on you but the best thing is you may not even realise, you would have just naturally felt more confident, happy and positive! 


Anyway, on to today! It's Thursday and there is the usual maths and English set and the opportunity to be creative this afternoon. I have a put a new learning pack together which will be available next Thursday 30th April (I may make this available electronically before this date). Parents you will need to come and collect these from school next Thursday if that is possible for you to do so. If not I will send them out by post. 


I hope you have a productive Thursday and I will check in again tomorrow, 




Mr Smith smiley