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Thursday 30th April

Hi everyone, 


having some technical difficulties trying to update the page today! 


This is my third attempt so fingers crossed it works. 


In maths you will be solving maths problems following the White Rose lessons as you have done all week. Then you could create your own maths board game based on your favourite board games. This may take a while so allow for today and tomorrow to complete it. Think of the rules of the game and then design the board. 


In English it is STORY TIME!!! Time to write the first draft of your stories. Remember to write in complete sentences not forgetting capital letters and punctuation. 


Finally, you could create your own crossword today! Ask parents to help you design a grid then hide words linked to our topic of castles around the page. Then get your parents to find them. 


Good luck and have a great day! I will be calling podcasters either between 12-1 or 3-4. 




Mr Smith smiley