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Good morning everyone it's Thursday! 


It was so great to see a lot of your faces yesterday during our zoom call, you have all been so busy creating some amazing things. For those of you who couldn't make it, you were missed and we will definitely get you on the next call if you're available. Next time, I will suggest a couple of days and times, that way we can find a time that suits everyone. There will always be teething problems with things like this but I am determined to always look for solutions and not problems. 


I would like to give you all a big pat on the back as I felt you all showed great patience, respect and confidence during the call. It's difficult to have 14 people all talking at once and you all listened impeccably to one and other and shared your stories with pride, which was brilliant to see! WELL DONE! It was also great just to hear you all say hello to each other and see each other's faces. 


Tomorrow is officially a bank holiday so this would be our last day of the week. As I saw yesterday, lots of you have been busy making things for VE day. Some of you have already done some baking but if your haven't maybe today you could asked parents/carers to help you bake some celebratory biscuits to celebrate the day. this is  recipe for ginger biscuits but you could find your own if you want to. 


For today these are your tasks: 

Maths L.O: I can add and subtract ones. (If you find this lesson too easy have a look at the year 3 lessons – they will be about money and would be worth having a look at)  
English: L.O: I can write up my diary entry in neat  
Using your best handwriting write up your diary entry neatly. You could use tea bags to stain the paper to make it look more authentic as if it was written in 1945. Remember to edit and improve and make it the best it can be. If you finish you could try and write another one from when the war was going on – or even from the perspective of a German child who would perhaps have a different opinion on what might happen next or what VE day will mean for them. 


P.E: It's going to be a lovely day so try some gymnastics in the garden. Can you put together a gymnastics routine including a jump and leap (can you remember the difference?), balance and roll. Perhaps, think of a theme to base your routine on. For example, you could be a knight defending a castle against a dragon or you could be a WWII Spitfire dancing through the sky and avoiding an enemy plane.


Make sure you start your P.E session with some body management/stretches - sit in straddle/pike position, do some squats and lunges, reach up and go right onto your tip toes. At the end of your gymnastics session try and learn the names of 3 yoga poses - one you could try is warrior 1! Here are some yoga poses -  


Have a good Thursday everyone, 


Mr Smith. 


P.S. if you are clapping tonight then also give yourselves and your families an extra big clap. Your attitudes and commitment to your learning has been highly commendable!