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Week Two

Monday 28th September


Today I would like you to look at the Village life power-point attached. This will give you an insight to what it was like to live when the Anglo Saxons were around.


After this I would like you to plan to make an Anglo Saxon Village, some of you may have done a bit of work on Friday for this, so please keep it safe.


Remember a plan is just a rough idea, but try to make it as detailed as possible. Label it where you can and use colour if you wish. Make sure you keep the plan safe as every designer uses these when making. Use the pictures in the powerpoint to help you, but you may wish to do some research as well. You will be making this so think carefully about the materials you may be able to collect over the next few days.


Enjoy :)

Week Two

Tuesday 29th September


Today I would like you to watch the short video and then have a go with the activity. If you do not have someone at home to help with the tennis then please use the following idea:


Begin by throwing the ball at the wall to get your rhythm going. - Finding the video Tap-Up Tennis.


Have Fun :)

Week Two


Wednesday 30th September.


It is time to get CREATIVE!


Use your plan that you made on Monday and make your Anglo Saxon village. You may wish to evaluate your plan :)


I can not wait to see your Villages, please send them to me on Class Dojo or through the School Office.



Monday 21st September


Today we are going to look at where the Anglo-Saxons Settled. Please use the Power-point to go through the information with your child. They would of covered some of this in class.


Next I have attached a blank map for the children to use. If you have an atlas at home you can use this otherwise please search maps of X for example 'Kent' 'Sussex' and then follow through with the activity. Using the Atlas or images online please find places where the Saxons Settled through the use of place names ending - see note below. If you wish to record this accurately on your blank map I would encourage this otherwise you could list the place names.


Note: One way to trace Saxon settlements is through place names, such as names ending in the suffixes -burh, -feld, -ing, -ton, -wick, -den and -ham. – Share à


Good Luck :) 

Tuesday 22nd September.


We have been practicing in school Under Arm, Over Arm and Bounce Throw. This was to inform our tennis skills.

If you have access to a tennis ball and or a racket I suggest developing your catching and target skills.


Use a wall on the side of the house - safe away from windows. Throw the ball at the wall and either try to catch it or hit it back with your Tennis Racket. See how many in a row you can get. Remember to think about the skills you need when throwing the ball in different ways as well as catching the ball or hitting it back with a racket!


Skills to develop:

- Catching

- Hand Eye Co-Ordindation.

- Moving for the ball.

- Racket direction.

Wednesday 23rd September.


As you know we have started to study the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Today I want you to read the information about the Vikings Food and answer the questions in full sentences.


For example:

1. Which food did the Vikings eat?

Answer: The Vikings ate bread.


I have also uploaded a recipe if you wish to have a go at making some Viking Bread too!

Thursday 24th September


Read through the power point about Viking life.  Choose something from the power point to make. This could be a viking house, jewelry or piece of clothing.  Can you make a 3d model of your item? Use anything from around the house, this might be play dough, junk modelling or paper. 


Send your pictures either on Dojo or to the school office email. 

Friday 25th September


Viking runes are slightly different to the Anglo-Saxon version we have been looking at this week.  Your task for today is to write a secret message to your friend, you could either come up with your own alphabet design or use the Viking version attached below.  



Ask an adult to send it to your friend to decode!  We would love to see as well so please upload onto Dojo!