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Our new topic is URBAN PIONEERS!


What do these two words mean? Can you find a dictionary definition? 


On Wednesday afternoon have a go on google maps/earth and have a look at some places you have been before. Try and look for cities you have visited and compare a city to where you live? 


Activity: Make a list of things that are the same and things that are different about where you live and your chosen city. 


For example, I grew up in a small village in Leicestershire with a church, one shop, 3 pubs, a primary school and a community centre. 

A city I have visited was Paris. This huge city had hundreds of places of worship, thousands of shops and schools and many cafes and pubs. 


On Friday afternoon, have a look at the weekly powerpoint and view some images of urban art and photography. 


Activity: Have a go at taking some of your own photographs try and use a frame, use of focus and things in the foreground and background to make your image stand out. When you are happy with your photograph have a go at sketching, painting or using chalk to recreate it.