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Summer term 1

W/B 18.5.20

Click on week 5 star for this week's topic activities.

Topic – History 

This week, I would like you to look at the Royal family’s family tree. Try and sit with a grown up so they can help you understand it. Now have a go at creating your own family tree. Grandparents? Parent? Aunties? Uncles? Cousins? Mummy? Daddy? Brother? Sister?


Challenge: Can you spot anyone that needs adding to the Royal's family tree? 

Topic – Design and Technology  

Raid the recycling bin! Can you create something? A monster? House? Animal? Vehicle? Toy?

Warning: Please ask an adult to help you as there may be sharp objects inside your bin and make sure anything you use is clean and safe. 

Topic – Science

Go on a flower hunt!

Spend some time outside (walk/ open space/ garden). Make a list or draw the flowers you can see. Can you count the petals? Pick one flower to take inside and draw or paint it in more detail.

Topic – History

We have been learning about the Queen in our Topic lessons. Click on the link to take a tour of her house!! Can you remember where the Queen lives? Maybe you could draw a picture of your favourite room? Can you describe the magnificent decoration you can see?