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Friday 3rd April 


Let's BAKE! 


This afternoon's task is to bake some Easter cakes! You could make some cornflake cakes, decorate cupcakes or an Easter themed victoria sponge!


We would love to see your creations so please send a picture to the office email!


As an extra challenge: Can you write a set of instructions for your tasty treat!

Thursday 2nd April


Science  - To know magnetic and non-magnetic objects

Please find the powerpoint below, look through and watch the video clip and then complete the worksheet provided. 


Which objects did you find at home that were magnetic? Email to let us know!

Wednesday 1st April.


Today I would like you to draw a Sunshine and place it in your window. You can create it however you like. It may be with felts or even craft materials! 


Once you have done this walk around your neighbour-hood and see how many you can spot. You may see them in your friends house! Whilst on your walk I've put an ' I Spy' task for you to have a go at.


Keep Safe when walking around and remember to keep your distance from others.

Tuesday 31st March


Complete the following and record your results:

Time to complete each task = 1 minute:

- Bounces in 1 hand using a ball

- Catches in 1 hand using a ball


Ask your parent to complete it too. Who scored the highest? What was your combined score? What about your parents? Add all the scores together.


Have another go with the above task but for 2 minutes - Did your result double? Explain why or why not it didn't.


Can you think of some other ideas that you could time yourself on?


Challenge: Why not try the 'Toilet Roll Challenge' which is circulating. Here is a link ( to some footballers having a go. Feel free to send a video or tweet yourself doing it. I'm yet to be successful!! 

Monday 30th March


Please read the power-point attached - the story of the Last Supper.

Once you have read the story write down some bullet points (in your exercise book) to explain the following:

- Why should Jesus betray Judas.

- Why should Jesus not betray Judas.


Next choose one of the above and write about it in full sentences in your book.

Friday 27th March 2020


For todays topic task, please find your modern Greece and modern UK sheet.  Use Ipads/computers/tablets to find out the different information and compare the two countries. 

There is a copy on the website if you do not have your sheet.  


Challenge: Email the school office with the most interesting fact that you found out about Greece!

Thursday 26th March 2020


In science we have been learning about Forces and Magnets.  Last week we looked at pushes and pulls and today we would like you to look at Friction and why things move faster and slower. 

Look through the power point and investigate speed using a toy car across different surfaces.  Record what you find on the sheet provided or in your books. 


Wednesday 25th March


Today you will think about how to be a good citizen. Use the sheet attached to identify the right things to do.

Think about what is happening in the world right now. How could you be a good citizen to somebody? - It could be an elderly relative or someone who is poorly.

Record your thoughts in your exercise book.


Tuesday 24th March

Create and write down a at least a 2 minute workout you could do as a PE warm up.

- Think about what we do at school.

- Think about what you may have seen in Joe Wicks PE session yesterday morning.


I've attached an activity which includes a workout to your name. You may wish to use some of these ideas in your work.


You may like to draw the actions in your book as well as write them.

Give your workout a practice - see if you can get your family involved.

Monday 23rd March

Please have a go at making the Palm Cross following the instructions on the given sheet.

You may wish to tell your adult what you have learnt about the Palm Cross or you could find some extra information of your own by doing some research. 

Any research you find record in your exercise book.