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Friday 10th July


Compete the A-Z of your school year.  There is also a sun hat design sheet!

Thursday 9th July


Work through today’s life cycle of flowering plant power point.  Then complete the activity attached.

Wednesday 8th July - Science


Today I would like you to try out one of the Superhero experiments on the link below.

I'd love to see what you get up too!


Tuesday 7th July - PE


Please see ''Suggested Timetable' section

Monday 6th July - RE


Today I would like you to think about all that you have learnt this Summer Term in RE and create an informative poster. You may like to do this electronically. I would love to see them.

Friday 3rd July


Can you make your own summer word search? Think of a list of summer words first for people to find.  Let a sibling or adult have a go at your word search when its complete.

Thursday 2nd July


Look through the science Power point and observe the changes in your plant from last week. 

Present your findings to an adult.

Wednesday 1st July - Art and Design


Today I would like you to create a superhero handprint. You may like to create a few. You could make all your favourite superheroes. You could make some into real life superheroes or you could design a handprint to make the superhero you made at the beginning of the term.

Tuesday 30th June - PE


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You

Monday 29th June – RE

Part One of Two Lessons

LO: How do Hindus pray and worship at home and in the Mandir?


Objects that express what matters most: do we all worship?


I would like you to choose several meaningful objects that express what matters to you. Look at the objects and suggest reasons to an adult why they might be important. Adult you may like to think of sharing some to and be prepared to talk to the children about them e.g. family photo, heirloom, letter from someone special, music, poem, religious symbol, trophy. It’s not their cash value that tells you the value of these things.


Talk about how objects can show what matters most to us. Focus on the importance and significance of special objects. Now I would like you to draw a picture of your special object in the centre of a piece of paper. Around this write words to show what the object means to you and why it is special.


Friday 26th June - ART


Can you make a picture of Cruella De Vil. You could draw, paint, collage or use anything you have at home! 


Send us a picture in to see! 



Thursday 25th June


Our new topic in science is Plants. 


Please work through the powerpoint and then complete the activities. 


This week you will need some seeds to grow your own flower!

Wednesday 24th  June - Topic


Today I would like you to create an A - Z Of Superheroes. You could do it based on JUST superheroes of JUST real-life heroes or both. Please email your list to us :)


A - Ambulance Driver

B - Batman

C - Captain America


Tuesday 23rd June - PE


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You

Monday 22nd June


LO: How and why do Christians like to pray?


What are the different ways Christians pray and why these might be helpful – lighting candles (votive candles), kneeling, open hands, incense (as a symbol of prayers rising to God), through music, through silence and meditation. If you can try to experience some quiet music leading to silence with a lit candle in which you can sit quietly and enjoy time to just be. Write down your thoughts and reactions and reflect on what use is stillness to me?


Christian artefacts as aids to prayer:  Ask an adult to help you find a picture of a cross, or you may have one in your house, and to write the prayer they think a Christian might say to go with it.

Next choose a picture of people suffering, and the prayer that goes with it.

Then a life cycle ritual such as Christening, marriage or a funeral and the prayer that goes with it.

Friday 19th June


Following on from our science topic – Plants.  Go into your garden or local outdoor space and draw or paint your favourite flower that you find. 


Send them in for us to see!

Thursday 18th June - Science

Our new topic in science is Plants. 

Please work through the powerpoint and then complete the activities. 

Wednesday 17th June - Art and Design


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You


Tuesday 16th June - PE


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You

Monday 15th June

LO: How and why do Christians pray?


Can you think what the reasons are to why people pray?

Who are Christians praying to? Why?

How do the you think a Christian prays?

Is that any different to how people from other religions pray?



The Lord’s Prayer –  can you find out when was it first used? (Jesus taught his disciples how to pray Matthew 6 v 5-13) where and when is it used?

What are the key beliefs are expressed in the prayer (e.g. the fatherhood of God, God as provider of food, belief in heaven, forgiveness for sin).



Task: Can you  put the Lords Prayer into your own (much simpler?) words? Please feel free to share it with us. Maybe you will use simpler key messages/quotes in it that you see best fits.


Friday 12th June


Our topic is Heroes and Villians and today we would like you to find out about William Wilberforce and then complete a fact file on him!


CHALLENGE – Find 2 facts that are not on the power point and email them to the office!

Thursday 11th June


Read the power point on Mary Anning.  Then make a poster to show all the information you have learnt about her!


Send them in, we would love to see them.

Wednesday 10th June - Art


Today you will be making a Superhero craft! Can you link it to the Superhero you've already designed?

Please send us your pieces of Art :)

Tuesday 9th June - PE


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You

Monday 8th June- RE

LO: What happens in Islamic Prayer


Part Two of Two Lessons


Today I would like you to do some research on Subha Beads (Muslim Prayer Beads)

These are used to keep count of prayers like 'Glory to God' 'God is the Greatest' each which are said 33 times or to keep count of the 99 beautiful names of Allah.


I would like you to create a poster about Subha Beads. Remember to include pictures, facts and key words. Make sure it is eye-catching to and clear to see.


Challenge: To find some different names for Allah that would be in the Qur'an

Friday 5th June


Today we would like you to have a go at an acrostic poem on Rosa Parks which you will have read earlier in Literacy.  Use the information you read earlier to help you. 


When you've written your poem, read it to an adult and see if they can work out who your poem is about. 

Thursday 4th June


This week we have been learning about Martin Luther King.  'I have a dream' are his famous words, today we would like you to think about what your dream would be for our world. 


You can be as creative as you want, you could display your dream as a collage, a poster, a speech which you could record.  


We would love to see what you come up with and how you choose to portray your ideas! 

Wednesday 3rd June

First think about all the superheroes you know. You may have magazines, posters, books with images in or you could just use google. Use the images of superheroes to mindmap different superheroes thinking about:

- What do they look like?

- What are their characteristics?

- Do they have anything in common?


Discuss with an adult if possible the characteristics of a ‘healthy living’ superhero. What would s/he do, say, wear? Mindmap some ideas on the board about what s/he might look like. Now think of a catchphrase for the superhero. Think of other aspects of healthy eating, not just diet. For example; drinking water, brushing teeth, exercising… Using the blank template if you wish have a go at designing  your  own ‘healthy living’ superhero.


• Optional: using the speech bubbles, write some phrases the superhero might say: “1,2,3,4,5-a day!” “Drink water to keep healthy”. Alternatively, you could  use the writing template to describe the superhero. Remember to write about his appearance as well as his characteristics and catchphrases

Tuesday 2nd June - PE


Please see the link and advice in the 'Suggested Timetable' section.

Thank You

Monday 1st June - RE

Friday 22nd May


WOW the end of a half term! Its certainly been a strange one.  For today’s task, we would like you to do something kind for someone else.  Ideas include:

  • Ringing to see how they are
  • Baking something and dropping it off on the doorstep
  • Writing a letter
  • Making a Thank You poster for your window to Key workers


We would love to see what you come up with! We hope to see you all soon!

Thursday 21st May



Fantastic Fossils! Please work through the fossils power point!


Then order the fossilisation process using the sheets provided.

Friday 15th May


Below are some recipes for superhero smoothies!


Today we would like you to give one a try! Or think of your own and write your own recipe and instruction sheet!


Send us a picture of your delicious creations!

Thursday 14th May - Rocks



We are continuing our science topic of rocks.  You may need to get creative and find rocks outside/on walks/ in your garden. 


Work through the power point below and then complete the task.  There is adult guidance to support if needed.

Wednesday 20th May


We have been doing some work on superheroes. Today I have uploaded a sheet for you to play a game with a family member.


Here are the rules. The rules are simple.

  • First you need to create your superhero team do this by laying the cards face down on the table.
  • Next one by one pick two cards and compare the superheroes on them. Then just pick one to keep.
  • Do this until no cards are left.
  • Now you have to pick the best hero in each category - strength, weight, size, height, age and speed (only use a category once) and lay them on arena (table) face down.
  • Once all the categories are set reveal the cards and compare heroes in each category. The winner is the one who's won the higher number of category battles.


Afterwards you may like to replay again! Or even create a set of cards yourself. Please send them in if you do.

Tuesday 19th May - PE/Art and Design

Wednesday 13th May


We have been doing some work on superheroes. Today I have uploaded a sheet for you to find your superhero name!

Once you have created it can you write it out in bubble writing and colour it in - thinking about the colours and symbols that link to the superhero you have created and the powers they have.


Afterwards watch:

Can you name all the superheroes in the quiz.


Finally create a Superhero riddle - Remember to start with the hardest clue and make them easier as you go along.

Here is mine:

I'm a marvel character.

I have great strength and speed

I dress in red and blue

You'll find me wall crawling.

Who Am I?


Send them to us and we will see if we can guess it :)

Tuesday 12th May - PE


LO: To understand what healthy living is.


Being healthy is super important. It has lots of benefits to use including a healthy mind, better sleep pattern and positivity. Exercising makes our bodies stronger, it makes our heart pump faster and keeps it active. What foods do you think are healthy? Write them down. Please remember that it is ok to have some unhealthy foods - I'm guilty for it!!

Watch and listen to:


Afterwards can you create a healthy meal for - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You may wish to include snacks and drinks too.


We would love to see your menus.

Monday 11th May - RE

LO: To understand what a prayer is and how it is helpful.


Part One of Two Lessons


First of all think about who helps you and make a list of these people. Then think about the following sentences:

  • This person magically solves all my problems.
  • This person gives me a hug and helps me feel better
  • This person makes sure nothing bad ever happens
  • This person really cares about me.
  • We like spending time together
  • We enjoy each others company
  • We cheer each other up
  • We try to help out.
  • We listen to each other.


Do the above link to talking to one another in some kind of way. Often prayers are described as a conversation or a relationship with the Almighty.

We often talk to the people who mean the most to us because they love and care for us which helps us feel good, they don't grant magic wishes.


Task: Create a poster of ' Who loves us'  Create small drawings of people who love you and write a sentence explaining why

Thursday 7th May 2020


Tomorrow is VE Day and a bank holiday to celebrate. 


For your task today, we would like you to read through the VE day power point.  Once you have completed the power point, there is a design a medal sheet.  You can either draw it out or print out the sheet.  Remember to follow the instructions on your sheet. Please email a copy in so we can see!

Wednesday 6th May

Monday 4th May - RE


Today's session is planning three memory boxes.


First you will need to think about a memory box for something important in your life - What do you want to celebrate and remember? Is it a person? An importance place or event?


Secondly a memory box for school - What do they want to remember or celebrate about Year Three? People? One-off or regular events?


Finally a memory box for a Christian remembering the life of Jesus - What will go into it? Remember all of the things Christians already do/use to remember Jesus.


Draw and write what will go in each box. If you have physical objects and boxes you may even like to create them physically. Think and write in your book what each item represents. How often you will use the memory box and what you will do with the things.


I'd love to hear and see your memory boxes remember to email them to the school office or even tweet about them.


Friday 1St May 2020


During this unprecedented time, we want you to think about our heroes in our country today.   They could be Doctors, Nurses, care workers, teachers, fire fighters or shop workers... anyone you consider a hero, particularly in the world right now!


 For today's challenge, you need to choose a real life hero and research their job role.  Can you find out what they have to do as part of their job? How much they get paid? What qualifications they need? Who they help? And why they are a hero? When you have completed your research, we would like you to make a poster of everything you have found out.  Perhaps part of it could say Thank You as well.


Please send your completed posters into school, we would love to see!

Thursday 30th April – Science


We start a new topic in science this week  - ROCKS!


Today we would like you to read through and complete the activities on the power point below. 


Next time you are out on a walk, see how many different types of rocks you can spot!

Wednesday 29th April


We have started our new topic based on Superheroes and Villains. I would like you to create a Superhero badge. The Superhero badge will need to relate to the superhero you designed last Friday. How you choose to design your badge is up to you. You may like to make it out of recycled objects or design it using pencil or even chalk on the ground outside.

We would love to see them to please email them or tweet them in.

Tuesday 28th April - PE Lesson


Last week I asked you to research your favourite sport or a sport you like to watch during the Olympics and record these ideas in a mind-map or make notes. 

Today I would like you to create this into a Powerpoint (if you have access to the computer) or into a poster/booklet to show me everything you have found out.

Make sure you make it eye catchy with colour and pictures too.


Below are the areas I asked you to think about:

- Name of the sport.

- Rules of the sport.

- Places where the sport is played.

- Teams of the sport.

- Why you like the sport.

- Awards the people have won for the sport

Monday 27th March - RE Lesson


When in your life have you felt joy, sadness and hope. Share these with someone in your house.

- What made you feel like this?

- Did you do anything because of these feelings?


For Christians the three days we are focusing on show Joy, Sadness and  Despair - Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday.

- Which word do you think link to each day and why?

- What do Christians believe about these three days?

- What could Christians now be hopeful about?


Today I would like you to create a frame showing sadness on the left and joy on the right. Produce Salvation artwork. - Think about drawings that linked to Holy Week and the world today. Once completed  you can write an explanation about your art work.


Friday 24th April 2020


Art and Design


Design your own superhero and villain!  Think about the powers you decided in literacy on Wednesday!


You could draw, paint, collage, chalk or build a model! We would love to see your creations so email them into the office!



Thursday 23rd April 2020


L.O: To know about magnet forces


Below you will find a magnet power point to look through.  This is to carry on our Forces and Magnets topic from before Easter.  If you have any magnets at home, then experiment and see what objects are magnetic and what attracts and repels!


After completing the power point, complete the worksheet provided. 



Wednesday 22nd April - PSHE Lesson


Today's task is thinking about what you would like to do once Lockdown is over!

At home I have been making a 'Happy Jar.' In my happy jar I have cut up pieces of paper and wrote down things I would like to do with my little girl once this is all over.


Some of the examples I have included are:

- Taking her to soft play.

- Taking her to play on the swings at the park.

- Meeting up for lunch with her friend to celebrate both their birthdays.

- Have a BBQ with my family.


What would you like to do? Create your own jar and share it with your parents. I'd love to hear your ideas. Maybe I could add them to my jar too!!

- Take her to the Zoo.

Tuesday 21st April - PE Lesson


Today I would like you to research your favourite sport or a sport you like to watch during the Olympics.

Please record your ideas in a mind-map or make notes as you will be using this next week.

You will need information for at least 5 different things to talk about your sport.


Ideas to think about:

- Name of the sport.

- Rules of the sport.

- Places where the sport is played.

- Teams of the sport.

- Why you like the sport.

- Awards the people have won for the sport

Monday 20th April - RE Lesson


Please look at the attached document to find out about your RE lesson. You need to watch the video and answer the questions provided.

Please record your responses in your exercise book.

Friday 3rd April 


Let's BAKE! 


This afternoon's task is to bake some Easter cakes! You could make some cornflake cakes, decorate cupcakes or an Easter themed victoria sponge!


We would love to see your creations so please send a picture to the office email!


As an extra challenge: Can you write a set of instructions for your tasty treat!

Thursday 2nd April


Science  - To know magnetic and non-magnetic objects

Please find the powerpoint below, look through and watch the video clip and then complete the worksheet provided. 


Which objects did you find at home that were magnetic? Email to let us know!

Wednesday 1st April.


Today I would like you to draw a Sunshine and place it in your window. You can create it however you like. It may be with felts or even craft materials! 


Once you have done this walk around your neighbour-hood and see how many you can spot. You may see them in your friends house! Whilst on your walk I've put an ' I Spy' task for you to have a go at.


Keep Safe when walking around and remember to keep your distance from others.

Tuesday 31st March


Complete the following and record your results:

Time to complete each task = 1 minute:

- Bounces in 1 hand using a ball

- Catches in 1 hand using a ball


Ask your parent to complete it too. Who scored the highest? What was your combined score? What about your parents? Add all the scores together.


Have another go with the above task but for 2 minutes - Did your result double? Explain why or why not it didn't.


Can you think of some other ideas that you could time yourself on?


Challenge: Why not try the 'Toilet Roll Challenge' which is circulating. Here is a link ( to some footballers having a go. Feel free to send a video or tweet yourself doing it. I'm yet to be successful!! 

Monday 30th March


Please read the power-point attached - the story of the Last Supper.

Once you have read the story write down some bullet points (in your exercise book) to explain the following:

- Why should Jesus betray Judas.

- Why should Jesus not betray Judas.


Next choose one of the above and write about it in full sentences in your book.

Friday 27th March 2020


For todays topic task, please find your modern Greece and modern UK sheet.  Use Ipads/computers/tablets to find out the different information and compare the two countries. 

There is a copy on the website if you do not have your sheet.  


Challenge: Email the school office with the most interesting fact that you found out about Greece!

Thursday 26th March 2020


In science we have been learning about Forces and Magnets.  Last week we looked at pushes and pulls and today we would like you to look at Friction and why things move faster and slower. 

Look through the power point and investigate speed using a toy car across different surfaces.  Record what you find on the sheet provided or in your books. 


Wednesday 25th March


Today you will think about how to be a good citizen. Use the sheet attached to identify the right things to do.

Think about what is happening in the world right now. How could you be a good citizen to somebody? - It could be an elderly relative or someone who is poorly.

Record your thoughts in your exercise book.


Tuesday 24th March

Create and write down a at least a 2 minute workout you could do as a PE warm up.

- Think about what we do at school.

- Think about what you may have seen in Joe Wicks PE session yesterday morning.


I've attached an activity which includes a workout to your name. You may wish to use some of these ideas in your work.


You may like to draw the actions in your book as well as write them.

Give your workout a practice - see if you can get your family involved.

Monday 23rd March

Please have a go at making the Palm Cross following the instructions on the given sheet.

You may wish to tell your adult what you have learnt about the Palm Cross or you could find some extra information of your own by doing some research. 

Any research you find record in your exercise book.