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Good morning year 2!'


How are we all on this lovely Tuesday morning? 

I hope you managed to complete yesterdays tasks!

Last night, at about 9.50pm, I was outside looking at the night sky. Do you know what for? Well, the inventor Elon Musk has many satellites currently orbiting Earth and they were on show clearly last night. I managed to see 4 of them- they were zooming by! I will keep you updated if I receive anymore notifications about satellites and maybe you can take part in star gazing as anyone can do it!


Today in maths we are looking at adding fractions and in English we are continuing with our castles research. It would be great to hear from you about what you have been up to and share some of your brilliant work. 


Before you start today have a go at this challenge: 


You need to make a FOUR WORD sentence out of these FIVE WORDS! 


sun brightly shone the positive 


the green is grass happy 


whale was the big smile 


tiger the was fierce create


went to Jake town determined 




There is a reason for this challenge which I will share with you tomorrow wink


Have a great day year 2, 


Mr Smith smiley