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Tuesday 28th April



Hi everyone hope you are all safe and well on this rainy Tuesday. It was great to receive some of your excellent work yesterday you are all putting in so much effort so well done. Just a reminder parents, sending work is not compulsory at all, I just like to see what the children have been up and more importantly that the work is OK for you guys to relay to them. 


So on to today. This morning I would like you to order some lengths in maths by following the online lesson. It would be really good if you could find the dimensions (tricky word) of the castle you have been looking at. You could research and answer the following questions and you could use your predicting skills to guess the heights and lengths of particular parts of the castle. 

How big are the castles?

Are the doors like doors at our houses?

How wide were the moats?

How high were the turrets? 


In English you are going to retell a tale about castles, dragons and knights. I have attached some pictures below of some books. You could also listen to a book or use a book that has been made into a film. Then using a comic strip layout of maybe 6-8 pictures I would like you to retell the story. Remember to pick out the key parts of the story. The introduction of the characters, the description of the scenes, the explanation of the problem, the quest to defeat the enemy, the end of the story. 

Some links for audio books: - these are doing a 30 day free trial - Audible have lots of free children's books to listen to - these have a good list of various books linked to the topic


I hope you enjoy your learning today. Finally, I have a P.E challenge for you to do. It is called the speed bounce and can be done inside or outside on a non-slippery surface. You must jump over something left to right with both feet together as many times as you can in 60 seconds. This could be a rope, cereal box, golf club, toilet roll it doesn't really matter as long as you are jumping side to side. It sounds easy have a look at the video for a demonstration. Good luck! 


Have another productive day year 2, I am doing a presentation to some football coaches via Microsoft teams today and hopefully I will get out for a run. 




Mr Smith smiley