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Good morning everyone, 


welcome to Tuesday's learning there are some changes to the original plan as we no longer have access to the White Rose resources. In maths the learning objective is still the same today but you will be following the BBC Bitesize lesson and learning about adding two 2-digit numbers. 


In English 

I have had a go at writing a letter, it is attached to this page. What do you think? I think it’s the best letter ever written by anyone EVER! Surely I haven’t made any mistakes as I am a teacher and I always get it right!  Please read through my letter I’m pretty sure it’s perfect. But, if you think you can spot any TEENY-WEENY errors then please correct them for me. But, obviously, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY ERRORS!  


In the afternoon there is an interesting Geography lesson on BBC bitesize where the children can investigate Asia and in particular, China. Further to this, why not try the challenges on the "sumdog" website (I will resend passwords and user names today) 


Otherwise, stay safe and stay healthy. 




Mr Smith.  


please have a go at logging in to the sumdog site it has some challenges set. I have sent out usernames and passwords. If you need me to send them again then please email me. 


Thanks smiley