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Morning everyone, 

What did everyone find out about Space X? Was there a successful launch? Last week I saw that the first launch had failed? What did you discover? 


Today's work is on the plan on the previous page and each link is below: 

Maths: L.O: I can describe arrays. 
CHALLENGE (YEAR3): L.O: I can identify the fraction shaded. 
English: L.O: I can use coordinating conjunctions.


Tuesday: L.O: I can learn about Australia and Oceania.  (GEOGRAPHY) 


I have also put some links on the previous page with some interesting information and resources on! I will put details of this weeks zoom call up tomorrow. We will look to do it at about 9am or 1pm on Friday. 


Cheers everyone, 


Mr Smith smiley


p.s. If your children are whizzing through the maths then I have attached some additional maths challenges under "summer term 2 - additional maths" smiley I have also added in an arithmetic paper to complete on Friday.